Vancouver tourism on the rise with culinary and travel exclusives

As one of Canada’s largest cities, Vancouver is on the radar worldwide as a tourist destination. The Conference Board of Canada’s latest Travel Markets Outlook predicts that Vancouver will see a 3.3 per cent jump in overnight visitors in 2019. The classic mountain backdrop and diverse city culture entice travelers year round, but what’s making the headlines this month in Vancouver tourism?

Flying direct

China’s Hainan Airlines introduced a direct flight from Shenzhen to Vancouver. The non-stop flights will begin on January 28, and there will be two flights per week on Mondays and Fridays. Shenzhen borders Hong Kong, and originally a flight from Shenzhen to Vancouver would have a stopover in Tianjin. China is Canada’s second largest source of international visitors, with 285,521 Chinese citizens visiting the province last year. And now with a more direct way of getting here, the trend can continue.

Tasting the best

Dine Out Vancouver, an annual food and restaurant festival, is in its 17th year and takes place across the Vancouver area from January 18 until February 3. Not only is this festival known as the opportunity to taste the best Vancouver has to offer, there’s also an endless schedule of special culinary themed events. The events range from a Dim Sum Tour for a deeper understanding of the dish to an out of town wine and craft brewery tour. The growing event will continue to be a staple in Vancouver tourism’s scene during the winter months.

Vancouver’s culinary scene is catching the eyes of worldwide chefs, including a Laduree International Pastry Chef who relocated from Paris to Vancouver to oversee the well known upscale French bakery Laduree’s expansion into Vancouver.

Vancouver Only

On a lighter note, another ‘classic’ is coming to Vancouver. A limited edition Game of Thrones inspired whisky set will only be available in five B.C. liquor stores, hitting the shelves on January 19, 2019. While individual bottles will have greater availability, five of the eight limited edition bottles will only be available in five B.C. Liquor Store locations, including three in Vancouver. Fans will have to travel to acquire the entire set, but it could be worth it to commemorate the popular HBO television series’ eighth and final season releasing later this year.

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